Electronic Circuits Fabrication for Interaction Design

Identifying the necessity of a process of eletronic circuits fabrication to expedite test cycles of Design students, a profounf study of the tecniques and methods already in use was made with the objective of developing a process of easy execution, didatic and applicability to Design laboratories. During the realization of this process, it is necessary to draw what is going to be engraved in the circuit board through the Fritzing software, which has an easy interface and does not require drawing ability. After finishing the drawing, a thin layer of conductive material over another thicker layer of insulating material are used as a board and, during the engraving process, cuts are made into this conductive layer so the lanes can transmit electricity. These lanes can be made through common processes such as transfer or stencil.

All the process was developed to be accesive and low cost, and is available in this pdf.

By Ricardo Weissenberg

Permanent marker drawing

Thickness test

Fritzing software interface

CNC Milling Machine test

Heat toner passage test

3D printed stencil

Vinyl stencil cut in plotter