Sexto Sentido Digital

The project was born out of a personal will to explore new ways of visualizing and connecting our senses digitally. Initially, the research process was focused on understanding concepts related to the human senses, in order to develop a possible "sixth sense".

During the experimentation, a series of technologies were tested and the EEG (Electroencephalography) was selected, through the use of the Mindwave sensor. This sensor, positioned in the head of the user, is capable of capturing brain waves related to parameters such as level of attention, meditation, relaxation, among others.

The EEG sensor is used to create a generative artwork that responds to the user's brain waves picked up by the sensor. The generated artwork, composed by sounds and dynamic images, can be exported to a seies of file formats and digital platforms.

Featured on Globo TV: A semana Desing Rio no Museu de Arte Moderna

By Juliana Vidal

Advisor Prof. João Bonelli