Anemon: Assistive Technology for Eletronic Games is a project focused on the research, creation, and development of video game controllers adapted for people with quadriplegia. There is already a great variety of technologies available to help people with these disabilities to communicate, but not as much for gaming and creative expression - Anemon attempts to partially fill that gap.

The controller's buttons are based on the movements of the user's body. Low-cost materials were a requirement to make this project accessible to low-income families. The first prototype was built for a 33 year old user, tetraplegic for thirteen years who can move his head, neck and shoulders . The controller uses four main commands: walk right, walk left, jump and run. Head movements are read as directional inputs and shoulder movements are read as action inputs.

The idea is that the controller can be continuously optmized and, in the future, adapted for other specificities of quadriplegics.

Por Beatrice Catarine