It is surprising how computers are part of our daily lifes. We spend more time with them, than, sometimes, even with other people. Desktops, notebooks, smartphones or tablets, computers are everywhere. Since our relation with computers is almost full-time now, is communication equality evolvingat the same rate? Are improvements possible? SOUL was created to prove that the answer to this questions is yes. The plan is to bring new elements to the relationship between men and computer. Elements which, until now were only present in the relations between two people.

By Eric Emanuel

Using electroencephalography, this Android app is capable of identifying a person's state of mind and use this information to make the space around them more confortable. This is accomplished by controling the the illumintaion basd on the readings taken from the user.

Soul controls a large set of information creating, from it, the beauty and simplicity of a light colored room, making it easier to sleep in an office or to improve concentration.