Tinta Solta

Tinta Solta is a new interpretation of graffiti as an interactive experience: the machine reads the user's gestures and converts them into sprayed forms on a canvas. The process references conceptual issues such as the presence of graffiti in the streets and in art galleries; its appreciation and criminalization as well as the value of handmade versus mechanically produced art.

The infrared camera reads the user's gestures: when the user approaches the sensors, the machine converts gestures into motion through the sprays and art is created.

The forms created by the user and the machine interference on these forms make the resulting grafitti a collaborative creation by human and machine. In this process, Tinta Solta promps reflection about graffiti as an artistic expression through digital tools and physical computing.

By João Whitaker



Tinta Solta in use

Kinect and spray

Arduino and custom eletronics controller unit

Controller unit

3D-printed spool